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Tammie S.
Tammie S. California
I was shocked, and afraid when I receive a letter from the IRS about an audit and the fact I owed $54,000, I didn’t know what to do. I did some research and called Success Tax Relief. They immediately began working on my case and reviewing my taxes and found errors the IRS had made. In fact, the IRS owed me a refund of $4800! Thank you Success Tax Relief!
Mike W.
Mike W. Texas
The IRS was threatening to levy my paycheck and I owed $120,000 in back taxes! I called Success Tax Relief, and the levy was stopped in 24 hours, and after all the negotiating I didn’t owe the IRS anything, nothing, zero $0. Thank you, Success, I am forever grateful.
Clara J.
Clara J. Florida
I operate a family owned business (construction) that was not structured properly, and after years of mismanagement and bad bookkeeping an IRS Revenue Officer showed up at the door and tried to shut us down and said we owed $500,000 in payroll taxes. I was terrified and visibly shaken by the visit, I was referred to Success Tax Relief by a friend who used them as well. It was a mess and I was gravely depressed, until I saw there was light at the end of the tunnel! After, making some changes like restructuring the company, tax planning, and asset preservation, the doors are still open and we are making a profit! The fine folks at Success Tax Relief saved my company and I only owed the IRS $40,000.00, WELL DONE, Success Tax Relief.
L. Smithers
L. Smithers New Mexico
I knew my business was in trouble, things slowed down a lot. I owed the IRS a lot of money and I did not know what to do. I felt like getting some help would be impossible. I heard an ad on the TV about tax relief and I took a chance and called Success Tax Relief and explained my tax problem. I owed $180,000 to the IRS and I was flat broke, I had 7 years of unfiled tax returns. Once they filed all of my tax returns, then I ended up owing $30,000 and we settled with the IRS for $3000.00 I was overcome with joy and my business is recovering, thanks Success Tax Relief!

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