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Why Presidential Candidates Are Expected to Release Their Tax Records

Why Presidential Candidates Are Expected to Release Their Tax Records

By on Sep 8, 2016 in Taxes | 0 comments

why-presidential-candidates-are-expected-to-release-their-tax-recordsThere is one reason and one reason alone that presidential candidates are expected to release their tax records and that is trust.

How Money Equates with Trust

When a presidential candidate releases his or her tax records, it demonstrates a certain type of trust between the candidate and the voting public. Some voters are looking to vote for someone whom they can trust, and what better way to say that than revealing your personal finances.

When it comes to financial matters, it can be seen as not only a personal obligation, but also as a business one because they are interchangeably related to one another. It’s all about how you earn your income and how you choose to spend it. This can reflect the character of an individual as it shows what a person’s priorities are and how responsible and/or frivolous they are with money.

Money and Politics

So if a person is running to be the Commander in Chief of the United States, surely he or she should be expected to reveal their tax records. It’s been loosely said that once you decide to become a public figure, you don’t have much of a private life anymore—that the fame and the privilege that comes with such a lifestyle is the big trade-off for being “normal”. It could be said that Americans have the right to know how a presidential candidate chooses to spend money since he or she will have the national treasury at his or her fingertips.

They Don’t Have to, but What if They Did?

Presidential candidates are not legally obligated to release their personal income—and that is all the more reason why if they do, it establishes some creditability with them that can help secure more votes. Exposing their personal income not only demonstrates a level of trust, it also shows the simple things like did they make any investments? Were they wise ones or did they fail? Then voters can ask themselves, is this how they plan to run the country?

Numbers Matter!

The bottom line is that with a supporting team and enough lights and make-up, almost anyone can put on a show. It is done everyday on television and even the Internet. Looking at the actual data that is not skewed can be challenging to find. But what might be the most factual source of evidence are tax-related documents.

Numbers matter! If you don’t think so, refer to your credit score. Every big purchase like real estate or a car—even the ones with the high interest rate all want to know what your numbers are in regards to your credit score. Even credit card companies want to know so that they can determine how much money they can trust you with borrowing. If your numbers aren’t satisfactory, then you might not be rewarded with what you’re asking for.

If a presidential candidate is asking for your vote, you are well within your right to ask for their numbers. But for now, you can concentrate on making sure yours are good!

Your Numbers Matter Too!

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