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The Most Ridiculous Taxes in History (And Now!)

The Most Ridiculous Taxes in History (And Now!)

By on Oct 10, 2014 in Taxes | 0 comments

The Most Ridiculous Taxes in History (And Now!)

As tax time approaches, you might start to wonder about the history of taxes and find yourself amused to think about all of the strange (but true) taxes that have been levied throughout history. Whether it’s a diversionary tactic or a way to get your head in the game, we have pulled together some of the most ridiculous taxes in the history of the world. In fact, this list may make you feel a bit better about some of those less than ordinary deductions you plan on taking!

  1. Window Tax of 1696: The controversial notion that wealthier individuals should have to pay more in income taxes is not a new idea. Back in the 17th century, countries like England, Scotland and Great Britain imposed a tax based on the number of windows your house had. This had less to do with glass than it did the size of the house. This was an early way to more heavily tax those with more wealth and while it’s no longer called the window tax, it still exists today.
  2. Beard Tax: At several points throughout history, leaders have imposed a beard tax for men who grew facial hair. England imposed this tax in the early 16th century and Russia in the 17th century.
  3. Playing Cards: If you live in Alabama, you have to pay 0.10 for each deck of cards that you buy. That’s right…head to Nevada to receive a free deck for filing!
  4. Maine’s Blueberry Tax: Blueberry harvesting is one of the most important agricultural industries for the state, so they have imposed a tax to protect the yummy fruit. The state receives more than a penny for each pound harvested so there is less risk that the fruit will be overharvested.
  5. Sweet Tooth? In Chicago, IL, you are charged an extra tax (5.25%) for hard candy, suckers, and soda. That’s incentive to keep that sweet tooth in check!
  6. Would You like Your Bagel Sliced? If you live in New York City and would like your bagel sliced, you will pay more tax than if you ordered it whole (and sliced it yourself). Whole bagels are not subject to sales tax in NYC. Go figure!
  7. Pet Tax: Durham, NC charges a $10 tax for each pet you own that is spayed or neutered and $75 for each pet that is not clipped. They keep track of this information and will send you to collections if you do not pay up!
  8. 100 Years Young: Hitting the century mark has its benefits if you live in New Mexico where you are tax exempt if you reach the age of 100!
  9. A Tax to Flush? WHAT?? Both Maryland and Virginia impose a tax on flushing the toilet. This is likely an attempt to conserve water but we are left wondering how it’s collected?
  10. Utah’s Sex Tax: If you own a business in Utah that employs nude or partially nude workers, you will be required to pay a 10% sales tax.

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