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How To Settle Back Taxes in Texas?

How To Settle Back Taxes in Texas?

By on Sep 6, 2013 in Taxes | 0 comments

How To Settle Back Taxes in Texas?Working out how to settle back taxes with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) causes enormous distress, especially when you don’t know what options are available to solve them and if you are in a vulnerable financial situation.

Accumulating outstanding fees and penalties

If you do not pay the full amount owed in taxes, the IRS interest and penalties on the amount owed will continue to accrue from the due date of the tax return. This is why it is critical you act promptly and contact Success Tax Relief straight away so we can begin reducing overall costs through taking action.

Suitably qualified assistance

You can rely on your appropriately qualified tax professional at Success Tax to assist you with calculating complicated interest and penalties on your taxes. Our staff have a strong commitment to working aggressively in their role of acting as your advocate with the IRS and have helped thousands of people with their tax problems.

Committed to success

If you do owe tax to the IRS, and are eligible to qualify, an Offer in Compromise may be the best option as it allows you to formally negotiate with the IRS so you can settle for less than the full amount you owe. This can be a huge relief.

Appropriate representation

An Offer in Compromise involves an application to be lodged with the IRS and you will feel peace of mind knowing your Success Tax Relief representative is undertaking this task on your behalf. We at Success Tax Relief have a large range of staff with diverse case management skills and appropriate qualifications as tax attorneys, certified public accountants or enrolled agents.

Respectful service

Success Tax Relief staff will assist you to submit your application, keep you updated on the process and advise on all related matters whilst the IRS are evaluating your application. They are trained to proactively explain and discuss with you in simple terms all viable options in your case.

Further compliance

If you succeed in having your Offer in Compromise accepted you must remain compliant by filing and paying all taxes on time for five years. If you do not do this the IRS may rescind the Offer and you may be required to make the payment in full. Success Tax Relief can assist you with a plan to achieve this.

If your application is unsuccessful

If your application is unsuccessful the Success Tax Relief team is ready on hand to create a backup strategy for handling your tax debt. They will make sure you are up-to-date with all filing and payment requirements before your application is submitted, and if you cannot achieve this we will support you through bankruptcy proceedings. This includes assisting you to avoid collections during economic hardships.

With the service provided by Success Tax Relief you can rest assured you are receiving the best representation in Texas to help settle back your taxes and take the emotional burden off you. Call Success Tax Relief at 1-877-825-1179.

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