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How to Reduce Tax Debt and Control Your Expenses with the Art of Persuasion

How to Reduce Tax Debt and Control Your Expenses with the Art of Persuasion

By on Apr 29, 2017 in Taxes | 0 comments

As stated in the chapter, “7 Secrets of the ‘One Call Close’” of the book, The Road to Success authored by Deaphalis Sample and Jack Canfield, many people make most of their purchases based on emotion. According to Deaphalis’ theory, this is provoked by the Art of Persuasion. He believes that “persuasion is more about leading someone into taking certain actions of their own, rather than giving direct commands.” Persuasion is a very powerful tool. You don’t necessarily have to be the one persuading someone to take advantage of its influence. If you truly understand this concept, then you’ll have an immense amount of control over your own spending habits.

By understanding how the Art of Persuasion works, you’ll be able to quickly identify if what you’re about to purchase is based on emotion or necessity.

It’s one thing to purchase a product because you need it. It is entirely another situation when you’re purchasing based on just wanting it.

Treat Yourself in Moderation

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with something that you want. You work hard, and it’s OK to treat yourself every now and again. The trick is not to indulge too much in what you want, less your finances suffer from it.

The Danger of Overspending

Once you can recognize why you want to purchase a commodity, you’ll be able to decipher whether or not it’s a necessary purchase. Unfortunately, many people don’t do this and soon discover that they are spending more than they earn. This nasty habit can snowball into a serious financial problem that all too often leads to unpaid bills, bad debt, and even tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

This may seem a bit extreme, but if you’re not able to pay your monthly bills, what will happen if you end up owing the IRS? Ignoring your tax debt isn’t an option. Serious consequences will occur if you neglect your tax obligation. What many people may not understand right away is that with more time that passes, tax penalties and fees start accumulating on top on one another. So what you may not have been able to afford to pay right away only balloons into a larger debt. When this happens, there are only a couple of ways this can be solved:

  1. Contact the IRS and try to negotiate a resolution.

  2. Hire a credible tax relief firm to take care it for you.

Persuasion can be a powerful thing. Learning Deaphalis’ take on the Art of Persuasion might be the difference between you saving money or paying it to the IRS. While a lot of people opt for option #1, it will be highly unlikely that you’ll be able to reduce the amount of debt you owe to the IRS.

At Success Tax Relief, you can trust our team of professional experts to communicate with the IRS on your behalf and work in your best interest. We have proven success helping taxpayers get out of debt and sometimes cutting their total in half—even less than half in some cases. Read our testimonials here. Then call us to schedule a free consolation at 877-825-1179. You can even contact us online today if you’re interested in getting a copy of The Road to Success.


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