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Georgia State Tax Relief Service That Will Get You Out of Debt

Georgia State Tax Relief Service That Will Get You Out of Debt

By on Oct 20, 2017 in Debt Relief, Tax Tips, Taxes | 0 comments

Many United States taxpayers may sometimes forget about their obligation to pay their state tax debt. Typically, it’s included in most electronic filing software. For many filers, a refund is allotted to them and therefore, no debt is acquired. However, depending on the yearly income accrued the previous year, it is possible to owe the state tax dollars.

Usually, the amount of state taxes owed isn’t that much. However, the amount owed can quickly increase when it’s neglected. Interest and penalty fees can balloon the amount owed into a debt that’s unmanageable. Unfortunately, how some taxpayers deal with such issues is just by ignoring it.

That’s not the solution.

What You Need to Know about Georgia Department of Revenue

The fact is the Georgia Department of Revenue is very much like the Internal Revenue Service…they won’t ignore you! With every passing deadline comes another interest fee and penalty that’s tacked on the new amount from the last accrual of fees. It’s an ever-growing mound of debt that can go on for months until the Georgia Department of Revenue says enough is enough and takes other measures to collect what is owed to them.

Such extreme measures the Georgia State Tax Service can include are wage garnishment, levying your property and/or bank account, and possibly even imprisonment.

To avoid such extremities, you must first face the responsibility of paying the debt. Even if you don’t have the funds to take care of the entire debt right away, The Georgia Department of Revenue will work with you by either negotiating an affordable monthly payment agreement, reviewing an Offer in Compromise or a Request for Penalty Waiver.

Monthly Payment Agreement

If you don’t owe an egregious amount, but it’s substantial enough to prevent you from paying the balance in full right away, the Georgia Department of Revenue offers an installment agreement plan that you can apply for. The stipulations of the plan require that you’d have to pay the full balance within 36 months. In order for you to qualify, you cannot be assigned to a collection agency, you can’t have filed for bankruptcy, and you can’t have already filed for an Offer in Compromise.

Georgia State Tax Offer in Compromise

An Offer in Compromise is a type of tax settlement that allows you to pay your balance in full for less than half the amount you owe. To determine whether or not you qualify, you’ll need to fill out the following forms:

Request for Penalty Waiver

If you feel that you’ve been wrongly charged with penalties, it is your right to contest it by requesting a penalty waiver. Here is the form you will need to complete:

We understand that a lot of this information can be quite overwhelming and difficult to take in all at once. That’s why Success Tax Relief offers Georgia taxpayers a free consultation with a professional tax consultant to help give you a better understanding of it all.

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