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7-Step Road Map to Managing Your Taxes Better, Part One

7-Step Road Map to Managing Your Taxes Better, Part One

By on Mar 16, 2017 in Tax Refund, Taxes | 0 comments

If you were told that there is a basic 7-step method to managing your taxes better—from the beginning of the year to April’s deadline, wouldn’t you be interested in knowing how that actually works?

Success Tax Relief’s Vice President and featured co-author of Jack Canfield’s The Road to Success, Deaphalis Sample, share 7 valuable secrets to what he coins as the “One Call Close”. Originally devised to help professionals get an edge over the competition, the Once Call Close can not only help entrepreneurs but anyone who is looking to better his or her finances. Here, we’ll share with you a brief summary of these 7 principles and how they can be applied to managing your taxes better.

Step 1 – “The power to define is the power to fulfill…”

In other words, you’ll have what you say. Defining what your goals are in life is half of the battle. Being able to identify your goal allows you to visualize it, and if you can visualize it, it then becomes a bit more attainable. For instance, what do you want to get out of your annual tax filing? A refund? Well then if that’s what you really want, then you need to define that that would look like in your life, and what’s required of you to make it happen. Make a list if you must, but be sure to identify it.

Step 2 – “People follow purpose”

People who have not found their purpose tend to follow those who do. So, if you’re able to conquer Step 1, then you’ve not only defined a goal, you’ve now identified your purpose and there’s nothing left to do, but pursue it! People will see this and follow you! If you’ve not found your purpose yet, find someone who has. Chances are, they’re quite organized with their finances. Learn from them!

Step 3 – “People follow pleasure”

If you’ve defined your goals and have begun to pursue your purpose, chances are you’re having fun doing it! When you discover what you’ve been made to do in life, it becomes easy—it’s still going to be hard work, but the work entailed could be done in your sleep. In other words, you make it look easy!

The same applies to how you handle your tax situation. It doesn’t hurt to have a little fun when managing your finance. Just be wise about it. If you’re managing your taxes properly, then the process may be a bit more pleasurable for you. If you’re having fun doing what you do, guess what, people are going to want to know the secret to your success. You might have to write a book in order to explain it to them!


Step 4 – “People follow phobias”

Oh-oh! This may sound like the complete opposite of Steps 1 – 3. As stated in The Road to Success “More people are motivated by the fear of loss rather than the possibility of gain”. What Deaphalis means by this is that most people do what they do in order not to lose their quality of life. They might not want their lights to get shut off, not want to freeze during the cold winter months, lose their car or home. While that’s a good motivator, it’s oftentimes only enough to get you by. If the fear of going to prison is a real thing, then perhaps that is a good enough motivator to help you stay on top of your taxes!

This is only 4 of the 7 steps to managing your taxes better. Visit our blog to look for the second and final part of the One Call Close.

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