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How to Find Out If You Have Unclaimed Tax Refunds

How to Find Out If You Have Unclaimed Tax Refunds

By on Apr 25, 2015 in Tax Tips | 0 comments

How to Find Out If You Have Unclaimed Tax Refunds Every single year, the IRS moves millions of dollars of unclaimed tax refunds into an account for those who might file their taxes and claim  their money.

 So, take a moment to think back…was there a year that you did not file your tax return, perhaps because of an oversight, a change of  address, or maybe because you did not think that you made enough money that year to file?

 Or, did you simply not file because you thought you might owe the IRS money, instead of the other way around?

 Important Information About Accessing Your Refund

One thing you can be certain of, the IRS will not send you your refund until and unless you file your return. Filing your return is your  signal to the IRS to “claim” your refund.

That’s right, if you do not file your return, the IRS will not send you your money. Perhaps the most important piece of information regarding unclaimed returns is that you have only 3 years to claim the refund, from the date that the tax return was due.

Once that deadline has passed, you can no longer claim your refund.

You might be thinking…well, I may be owed a refund from the IRS, but the penalties that I’ll receive because I was late filing will negate that refund and possibly force me to pay the IRS.

This is not necessarily the case.

You are wise to file your tax return as soon as you can (and definitely within that three year window), because very often the penalties do not exceed the refund.

More importantly, you are much better off approaching the IRS about an unfiled return than having the IRS approach you once they realize that you have not filed — and they will realize.

Finding Out If the IRS Owes You Money

Finding out whether, and how much the IRS owes you can be trickier than you might expect.

Because all of your personal information is private, you will not have luck looking online for your refund amount.

In addition, the IRS website “Where’s My Refund” requires that you have the exact amount of money that you are owed, which is often unknown if you have not yet filed.

Websites that claim to be able to tell you if you are owed money from the IRS are often scams that steal your personal information.

Your best bet for finding this information is to contact your local IRS branch, or the national IRS office for help. Make sure to take steps to maximize your tax return as well, ensuring you get as much back as you deserve.

Success Tax Relief

If you have unfiled returns and unclaimed tax refunds, you may want to hire a professional tax firm to represent your interests.

Success Tax Relief has 30 years of experience communicating directly with the IRS and can help you review all of your prior tax documentation and determine the best next steps for filing your returns so that you can get access to your refund as soon as possible.

Our trained professionals understand that taxes can get complicated and want to help you find solutions. Give our team a call today at 1-877-825-1179 to get started. Or contact us via email for more information.

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