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How the One Call Close Can Apply to Spending Your Tax Refund

How the One Call Close Can Apply to Spending Your Tax Refund

By on Jul 1, 2017 in Tax Tips | 0 comments

In Deaphalis Sample’s book he co-authored with Jack Canfield entitled, The Road to Success, he touched on how the Once Call Close can help you become a better communicator and ultimately a better business professional. The One Call Close is essentially about understanding the basic principles of knowing what makes a person tick.

When it comes to managing your own finances, especially when you’re expecting a generous tax refund, the One Call Close can be applied to your own life. This means that you need to understand how the One Call Close can financially work for you.

You see, just as the One Call Close works for professionals trying to close a deal or make a sale, you have to understand that there are millions of businesses trying to do the same thing with you! Let’s touch on how the seven steps to the One Call Close can be applied to responsibly spending your tax refund.

First, you need to understand the 7 basic secrets to the One Call Close

  1. People follow people

  2. People follow purpose

  3. People follow pleasure

  4. People follow phobias

  5. People follow provision

  6. People follow posture

  7. People follow persuasion

To learn more about these 7 secrets to the One Call Close, read Deaphalis’ article 7-Step Road Map to Managing Your Taxes Better, Part One and Part Two.

Just as easily as these secrets can be applied toward closing a business deal, it can also be applied to you as the consumer. People are always in need of something, yourself included. Companies make it their business to research what kind of commodities you prefer, what someone in your line of business would like to buy, what you’ve already bought, and who and what are YOUR influencers.

Apply the One Call Close to Your Financial Spending

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but around the tax filing season there are A LOT of sales and online promotions going on—all designed to attract your attention trying to persuade you that you NEED what they’re offering.

Here’s the real secret: Once you get a real understanding of how the One Call Close works, you’ll be able to recognize when other businesses are executing them. Once you’re able to identify a sale, you’ll be able to react and respond responsibly and not emotionally.

Differentiate the Want from the Need

There are a lot of things that we WANT, but only a few things we actually NEED. Being able to identify the 7 secrets to the Once Call Close can help you get a better hold on how you spend your tax refund. You might discover that you won’t WANT to spend it all! After all, when it comes to what defines success, it’s not about what you have; it’s about what you can keep. It you’re able to save your tax refund, then you’re well on your way to managing your tax refund wisely.

If you are in need of getting financial management for the next tax season, contact Success Tax Relief. We also specialize in helping you get the most out of your tax filing, whether you end up owing or getting a refund.

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