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6 Back-to-School Tax Tips That Will Save You Hundreds!

6 Back-to-School Tax Tips That Will Save You Hundreds!

By on Oct 2, 2016 in Tax Tips | 0 comments

back-to-school-tax-tipsI know what you’re thinking.

We’re already in the month of October. School is well underway, and some schools are already in mid-term season. So what’s the deal with this back-to-school tax tip? Isn’t it a bit too late for that?

Well…no, actually!

When it comes to saving money there is no special season to do it. In fact, it’s never too late, or too soon for that matter to start taking the necessary steps to saving money.

So even though we’re two months into the school season, the holiday season is quickly approaching and that gives students at least two weeks off from school. Once January rolls back around, it actually is back-to-school. So, thinking this way, back-to-school tips are still relevant.

These six tips actually give you another opportunity to save more money when preparing yourself or your kids to go back to school after the holiday season.

  1. Use what you already have.

When it comes to the essentials of back-to-school items like pens, pencils, notebooks, crayons, rulers, and the like are all fairly inexpensive to acquire. So, it’s usually pretty tempting to grab a fresh pack to start the New Year and/or semester off with. The reality is you may already have plenty of these materials scattered around your home. So before you start shopping for the fresh stuff, save yourself a few dollars and use what you already have. It all works the same!

  1. Start school shopping early.

Now’s the time to keep your eyes peeled for markdown items. The holiday season is approaching and right after Halloween, you can expect to see great deals on computers, clothes—even cars! It’s about whatever you need to get you and your kids to school. So take advantage of savings anywhere you can.

  1. Don’t be afraid to price match.

There are many retail stores that will match the price of their competitors just to keep you as a customer. Bear in mind that even though the company may advertise it, the cashiers may not be, because in the world of retail, especially around the holiday season, there’s a high volume of temporary help. So be patient when informing them about their own policies!

  1. Plan for the next tax-free day.

Most states celebrate a Back-to-School Tax Free Weekend that’s typically held in the month of August. Although that time has come and gone, it’s never too late to plan for some big ticket items like computers, laptops, phone upgrades, and tablets for next years shopping.

  1. School uniforms: Find the best price.

More schools are mandating a uniform policy. As a result, there are more retail stores that are offering school uniforms at a competitive price. Take your time to shop around for the best deals available.

  1. Good old fashion coupons are still good.

Check you’re local newspaper for the latest deals your surrounding stores have to offer. Also, some stores will have a book of coupons right at the entrance of their doors. Don’t be shy about asking the cashier if he or she has a coupon to spare!

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