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Georgia’s State Tax Liens Statute of Limitations

Georgia’s State Tax Liens Statute of Limitations

By on Nov 26, 2017 in State Tax Lien, Tax relief, Tax Resolution | 0 comments

If you have received notice that the Georgia Department of Revenue (GDOR) has issued a tax lien or are concerned that this may be on the horizon, now is the time to act and resolve your back tax debt once and for all.  A tax lien is a very serious legal claim that the state can issue against taxpayers that gives legal claim of your property to the state as security or payment of your tax debt.  A tax lien is generally a last resort effort by the GDOR, after many attempts have been made to recover a taxpayer’s debt.  It can have significant impact on your personal (or business) financial outlook, including your credit score and ability to qualify for a wide variety of loans.

Georgia's State Tax Liens Statute of Limitations

How to Release a Georgia State Tax Lien

A release of a tax lien is possible and can be obtained if you meet one of the following criteria:

  1. When the tax liability has been resolved (ie. paid in full);
  2. If you can prove that the lien was filed in error (you can request a formal withdrawal of the lien);
  3. Expired liens (also known as statute-barred liens) do not attach to any property interest of the taxpayer whose name appears on the lien.

Statute of Limitations Related to State Tax Liens

There is a defined statute of limitations on tax liens that you should also be aware of. Georgia State tax liens must be filed within seven years of the assessment date of the tax liability.  Once the Georgia Department of Revenue files a lien, it has seven years from the date the lien was recorded to collect the debt from a taxpayer. It’s also important to note that a tax lien may also be renewed for an additional seven-year period by re-recording the lien prior to the expiration of the previous seven-year period.

Even if a tax lien is released, withdrawn, or expires, it can be extremely difficult to get this “mark” off of your credit report if it hits one of the three main credit bureaus:

  1. Equifax
  2. Experian
  3. TransUnion

National credit bureaus make their own rules for how long a tax lien can be kept as public record.  This can impact your credit score and your ability to get a mortgage, auto loan, or any type of financing as it makes you look like a risky borrower.

Settle Your Tax Debt Now

Avoiding a tax lien all together is your best bet.  If you owe back taxes to the Georgia Department of Revenue, you can still get this tax debt resolved BEFORE a lien is issued.  Success Tax Relief has helped many Georgia taxpayers who believe they are on the verge of serious consequences. There may still be time to negotiate a settlement with the state, before a lien is issued.

Success Tax Relief can take a detailed look at your tax situation and help determine if you instead might be eligible to apply for an installment agreement, which allows you to pay the state your debt over time (rather than in one lump sum) or even an offer in compromise, which allows you to pay your debt for less than the amount you owe.

No matter where things stand with the IRS, our team can help you move forward in the best possible way.  Call the team at Success Tax Relief today at 877-825-1179, or contact us online.

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