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Expert Tax Solutions from Success Tax Relief

Expert Tax Solutions from Success Tax Relief

By on Jan 7, 2014 in Tax Resolution | 0 comments

Expert Tax Solutions from Success Tax ReliefIt’s here…again…time to start thinking about those dreaded taxes.  It comes up quickly each year and we often do not find time to even think about it until sometime in late March or even April. Success Tax Relief is a full service tax relief firm that works on all types of tax issues and supports our customers 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.  We do not set up shop in February, we are here working full time, all year round.  We provide routine tax preparation support, audit representation, and can communicate directly with the IRS on your behalf for such issues as installment agreements, offers in compromise and bank levies or liens of property.  Success Tax Relief is based in the Houston, Texas area and have over 30 years of experience and provide strong and responsive customer service to clients all over the country.  The tax experts at Success Tax Relief have compiled a list their top 5 tips for an easy and efficient tax season.

1.  Start early: 

This is an easy one to understand but the most difficult one to follow.  Do not wait until the last minute.  Rushing through your taxes will increase the likelihood of errors, which draws attention to your return from the IRS.  The earlier that you start, the earlier you finish, can submit and get your refund!

2.  Put your documentation together as it arrives: 

Your tax documentation now comes by mail and electronically so it is difficult to keep things together as they arrive.  We suggest making a file (paper and/or on your computer) and keeping all documents in the same place as they come in.  You can use this file all year – for times when you make monetary donations to charity, pay your car tax bill, put mileage on your car that is tax deductible or donate clothing or household items to a non-profit.

3.  Think ahead: 

Your retirement contributions and some other work related contributions (health savings plans) are considered pre-taxed, meaning you can make these contributions before you pay your income taxes each pay period.  It might be worth considering whether you should increase your contributions before the end of the year.

4.  Pay attention to detail: 

Many of the errors made on tax returns each year are simple errors like incorrect social security numbers, arithmetic mistakes or even forgetting to sign and/or date your return.  These mistakes may seems small, but they can cause your return to be delayed and can slow down the processing of your return.  So, double and triple check your return before you submit!

5.  Considering hiring help! 

Success Tax Relief helps thousands of individuals just like you complete tax returns each year.  We take the guess work out of the process and can save you time and even money.  We are customer focused and can work with you to come up with an individualized tax plan that works for you and your family and we can help you solve any problems that come up in the process.  Give us a call today at 1-877-825-1179 and we can get to work!

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