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How to Handle Your Unfiled Tax Returns

How to Handle Your Unfiled Tax Returns

By on Mar 14, 2014 in Tax Refund | 0 comments

How to Handle Your Unfiled Tax ReturnsIf you have unfiled tax returns, you likely carry worry around with you everywhere you go. Unfiled tax returns nag at you, as you are left wondering every day whether you are going to get that dreaded written notice from the IRS demanding payment.

Why not take this opportunity to get ahead of the problem?

You may in fact have many more options than you think when it comes to solving your tax problems.  Rather than waiting on the IRS to make contact with you, you can take control of your situation, get your taxes in order and come up with a plan to file and pay your debt.

Don’t let your tax issues control you

Instead of ignoring your tax problems and letting them control you, consider partnering with a tax firm who can help you get ahead of your issues.  Success Tax Relief can review your entire tax situation and give you advice about the best strategies for solving your tax issues. We work quickly, fairly, and without judgment, understanding that getting behind of your taxes can happen for a variety of reasons to anyone, regardless of your circumstances. We have briefly outlined a few of the potentially positive ways that your tax issues can be resolved below in hopes it will give you the courage to reach out to us and let us help you.  Tax problems are not always dire and can often be solved in a way that does not damage your financial outlook.

1.  You may owe less than you think: 

If you have completed your tax returns but have not yet filed them, it is very possible that there are errors or additional deductions that could be made that can result in you owing the IRS less than you think.  Success Tax Relief is a tax preparation specialist, we are current on all tax laws and can review your taxes with a lens that might be in your favor.

2.  Payment plans: 

Even if you do owe the IRS money, it is possible to make arrangements to pay this over time (monthly) rather than all in one lump sum.  Installment agreements work very much like credit card payments – allowing you to pay your debt over time.  Success Tax Relief can help you apply for an installment agreement.  You have the best chance of being approved if you are current on your taxes, so getting your returns submitted is key.

3.  Offer in Compromise: 

The IRS understands that there are certain instances in which an individual cannot afford to pay the taxes they owe.  An individual can apply for an offer in compromise, in which the IRS reviews your financial records and determines how much of the debt you can actually afford and reduces what you owe.  This is also a process that requires significant paperwork, so it is wise to enlist the help of an experienced tax firm like Success Tax Relief.

Partner with Success

If you are behind filing your taxes and struggling to come up with a plan to get out from under the burden, look no further than Success Tax Relief.  With over 30 years of experience working with the IRS on behalf of our many customers, we have a proven track record of success and would love to extend that success to you!  Give us a call today at 877-825-1179.

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