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When to Consult a Tax Attorney

When to Consult a Tax Attorney

By on Jun 20, 2015 in Tax Problems | 0 comments

When to Consult a Tax AttorneyWhether your instinct is to hire a tax attorney the first time you get a letter from the IRS, or if you think it is always better to handle all tax situations on your own, there is no doubt that a tax attorney brings specific expertise to a tax situation that can be helpful.


There are a wide range of opinions about when to enlist the help of a tax attorney. Generally speaking, you may benefit from this advice in certain cases, particularly when the issue involves complicated (or new) tax law.


We have outlined some of the most common instances in which consulting a tax attorney may be particularly helpful to you.


1. If you are trying to manage a tax issue that you do not understand.


There is absolutely no shame in admitting this and seeking help. Tax law is complicated, difficult and can change from year to year. So, if you feel like you are in over your head, a tax attorney will be able to help bridge the gap and make sure that your tax forms and communication are correct.


2. If you owe a sizable amount of money to the IRS.


If you find that you owe a large chunk of money to the IRS (over $10,000), then you may want to hire a tax attorney or other tax professional to be sure that there are no errors in your return. It is always possible you owe less money than you think. If you do end up owing that amount, then a tax attorney or tax professional can help you apply for assistance.


3.    If you receive notification that you are the subject of an audit.


This is one of the most frequent reasons that individuals seek the assistance of a tax attorney or other tax professional. When a taxpayer receives written notification from the IRS that they are the subject of an audit, many want to make sure that they have appropriate representation. A tax attorney can take over all communication with the IRS on your behalf, can make sure that you have all of the backup documents that you need and present a strong case on your behalf.


4.    If the IRS starts communicating about criminal charges.


Anytime you are facing criminal charges, a tax attorney should be obtained. This is an extremely serious situation and usually means that the IRS suspects tax evasion or tax fraud, and you should not handle this on your own.


Knowing what kind of tax help you really need is key to deciding whether you really need a tax attorney. It is important to note that if you have general questions about completing your tax return, you may not need the services of a tax attorney. They are experts at tax law, but not necessarily on tax returns.


Contact Success Tax Relief today for help with your specific issues. We can work with you to find a resolution and communicate with the IRS on your behalf.


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