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The Biggest Problem with Having IRS Tax Debt and How to Fix It

The Biggest Problem with Having IRS Tax Debt and How to Fix It

By on Jul 22, 2016 in Tax Problems, Tax Resolution | 0 comments


The number one problem with being in debt to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is that you have a debt! There’s no way around it, if you have a debt with the IRS, consider yourself in a relationship with them until you paid what you owe in full. Until that glorious moment comes, you’ll have to avoid getting into other problems with the IRS because yes, it can always get worse! So let’s learn about what can be done to avoid this.

First Important Rule: Communicate!

Once you’ve accepted your financial situation with the IRS, the one thing you always want to do is stay in constant communication with them. This can often be a hassle depending on your daily responsibilities. There’s no need to sugarcoat it: communication with the IRS can be a time-consuming process. And lets face it, not everyone has the time to sit on the phone and wait until someone picks up, but if you have a debt to settle with the IRS, that’s precisely what you’ll have to make time to do.

Communication is key. If you’re not communicating with the IRS, they have no way of knowing if you have any intention of paying your debt. If they don’t know, they will most likely assume that you don’t, and if that’s the case, you might want to get ready to be more uncomfortable than you already were.

How the IRS Typically Communicates with You

The first step that the IRS will take in collecting their funds is to inform you that you have a balance with them. You can expect to receive a letter from the IRS indicating you of the amount owed. At this point, it’s recommended to do one of the two things—possibly even both:

  1. Call the IRS to confirm. Read all about how you should talk to the IRS in this article, How to Stay Calm When Talking to the IRS.
  1. Write a Letter of Explanation to confirm or dispute. If you don’t know what a Letter of Explanation is, we also have information about that here.

This doesn’t necessarily fix your problem. You’re still in debt and you still have to communicate to the IRS. Depending on how much you owe, there’s a possibility that you may be speaking to them on a frequent basis. Who has time for that?

Success Tax Relief, a professional tax relief firm in Texas is dedicated to doing just that. The talented and experienced tax relief team is knowledgeable in tax laws and has years of experience resolving tax cases for clients. We can take care of drafting letters of explanation, Offer in Compromise, managing audits, and speaking directly to the IRS on your behalf. You won’t have to worry about taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to an IRS representative. All you’ll have to do is contact your Success Tax Relief case worker any time of the day and you’ll have up-to-date information on how your case is progressing.

So, here’s how to avoid your debt problem: call Success Tax Relief today at 877-825-1179 for an appointment!


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