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4 Reasons You Should Think Twice About Tax Return Software

4 Reasons You Should Think Twice About Tax Return Software

By on Oct 25, 2013 in Tax Problems | 0 comments

4 Reasons You Should Think Twice About Tax Return SoftwareTax return software has made it easier for many people to get a handle on their taxes each year.  It can be a great solution if you are very comfortable with your finances and your income situation each year is simple and straightforward.  However, there are times when it is more advisable to seek the help and support of a reputable tax firm.

Before you make your decision about whether to purchase tax return software this year, here are a few issues that tax return software cannot always address.  If one or more of these issues apply to you and your family, you may be better off hiring a full service tax relief company to meet your needs.

Issues that Tax Return Software Cannot Address

1.  Small business owners:  Do it yourself tax return software is not designed to answer tax questions that come up throughout the year.  In addition, the tax laws are constantly changing, and you want to be strategic about thinking ahead to make sure that your business is operating in a way to maximize deductions and make the highest possible profit.  This kind of thinking and planning is really best suited for a tax return specialist, someone who you can develop a relationship with, who will get to know your business and actually provide advice as you grow and change.

2.  Audit Support:  Tax return software offers minimal support if you have been audited.  This is an instance in which a relationship with a tax firm is critically helpful.  Tax firms can help you pull together the materials that you need to submit to the IRS and even communicate with the IRS on your behalf.  This can take much of the stress out of a sometimes very difficult process.

3.  Significant Income or Financial Changes:  Anytime you experience a significant change that impacts your taxes during the year, it is helpful to have a tax firm review your return.  Tax return software is really geared toward individuals with regular, routine income and deductions.  If you have sold or purchased a home, cashed out a retirement fund, or made another big change to your income status, a tax professional will be able to best support you and factor in this change.

4.  Uneasy about the process:  If you are not 100% confident about your finances, your total income, and working on your own taxes, you are more likely to make small errors in the process.  A tax professional can often quickly review your return and tax related documentation and get your family a larger return than you would have using software.  This often more than pays for the cost of hiring a firm.

Contact Success Tax Relief

Success Tax Relief is a full service tax relief firm that has been serving customers all over the country for more than 30 years.  We partner with thousands of Americans each year to prepare and submit their annual taxes.  We are available to our customers 7 days a week and can be reached for a free consultation by calling 1-877-825-1179.  What truly sets us apart from other tax firms and tax return software is the relationship we build with our clients.  We get to know you and your finances so that we can support and guide you to make the best possible financial decisions for you and your family.

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