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Tax Preparation Experts in Houston

Tax Preparation Experts in Houston

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Tax Preparation Experts in HoustonFew things are more intimidating or worrisome than realizing you have a real tax problem.  Perhaps you mistakenly entered incorrect income information…or you are unable to pay the full amount that is due to the IRS or you have been contacted by the IRS about a pending bank levy. There are countless unique tax issues that come up for Americans each year, and it is often wise to seek the help of a reputable and experienced tax firm as you navigate your particular tax issue to come up with a solution that works and does not cause irreparable damage to your financial situation.

Success Tax Relief:  A track record of Success

Success Tax Relief has been partnering with clients all over the United States for nearly 30 years to solve tax problems quickly, efficiently and painlessly.  We have experience with a wide variety of tax issues and have achieved our success by putting our customers first, taking the stressful burden away and working well with the IRS.  We offer strong, responsive customer service, competitive pricing and a proven track record of success. We are also accredited as a Better Business Bureau Business and work to give our clients honest, accurate information and advice to help them make the best possible decisions related to their taxes.

Our Services

Perhaps our most important service is routine tax preparation for those looking for support and assistance.  Whether your taxes are simple or complicated, we promise to give them the attention they deserve and will review several years worth of tax information to be sure that you are maximizing all potential deductions, and credits.  Often during this process, we sometimes even determine that you owe less than you expect to the IRS, leaving more money in your pocket each year. In addition to routine tax preparation, Success Tax Relief can provide audit preparation/support, assist you if you are behind on filing tax returns, and can negotiate with the IRS if you are unable to pay what you owe.  We have successfully negotiated many installment agreements, allowing our clients to pay their IRS debt over time instead of in a lump sum.  We also helped clients reach offers in compromise when it was clear that they were unable to pay the amount due, but could pay a lesser amount.  Finally, we also work with clients who have received notification from the IRS that their bank account would be levied and/or that there would be upcoming liens on their property.  Success Tax Relief has worked closely with the IRS many times, understands what they are looking for, what they are likely to agree to or not agree to, and can take over all communication with them, so that you can focus on other things.

Success Tax Relief is available to help YOU!

As the tax preparation experts in Houston, TX, you can call us at 1-877-825-1179 any time of the year with questions, concerns or ideas about how your return should be completed and filed.  We are open all year round and our experienced customer service team can review your information and provide you with a quick overview of our recommendations so that you can decide how you would like to move forward.  If you are looking for help with routine tax preparation or if you have a serious tax problem that needs attention, we are ready to help YOU today!

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