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Removing A Tax Lien From Your Credit Report in 5 Steps

Removing A Tax Lien From Your Credit Report in 5 Steps

By on Nov 15, 2018 in Tax lien | 0 comments

Removing A Tax Lien From Your Credit Report in 5 StepsOne black mark on your credit report can ruin your chances of owning a home or getting a car for years. You shouldn’t have to carry a tax lien on your credit report after you’ve already settled your problems with the IRS. Unfortunately, many credit agencies will continue to carry a strike against you after everything is said and done.
The good news is that following these steps can go a long way toward restoring your good name.

Removing Liens from Your Report in 5 Steps


 1. Make All Payments to the IRS

Make sure you’ve sent in all relevant payments to the IRS. Assuming that you’ve been on an installment plan you’ll need to have paid it all off before you’re able to proceed. Once you’ve paid it off, the IRS will automatically send you forms 668(Z) and 668(Y) so you can prove everything has been paid off. If you’ve entered into a payment agreement and are now in relatively good standing with the IRS, then you can even have a federal lien removed before the debt is paid off in full.

 2. Make a Lien Withdrawal Request

Fill out Form 12277 and check the box that reads the withdrawal of the lien is in the best interest of both the taxpayer and the government. You’ll need to file this form with a brief explanation for the basis of the withdrawal request. You’ll also want to write a cover letter that includes all the important information in regards to your request for the lien to be withdrawn. If the lien shows up on your spouse’s credit report too, then you’ll want to include both of your taxpayer ID numbers.

 3. Confirm that Your Request has been Granted

The IRS will notify you in a couple of weeks or so if the lien has been withdrawn. Assuming that all went well, your information will now be removed from county records. In some cases, the credit bureaus will pull information from these records and automatically remove it. If you get IRS form 10916(c) in the mail, then you’ll want to make copies of it just in case.

 4. Dispute the Lien

Removing A Tax Lien From Your Credit Report in 5 StepsContact Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion to dispute the lien. While they might have already removed it, it’s important to get in touch with them if you can. Provide them with a copy of the form the IRS gave you and fill out any pertinent forms they might require. They’re required to process your request provided that the IRS agreed to withdraw the lien against you.

 5. Get Your Annual Free Credit Report

Once the dust settles, request your annual free credit report from a web portal approved by the federal government. You may wish to follow up with any of the three credit reporting agencies if they’ve removed the lien after a reasonable amount of time.

Getting Help with Tax Liens

Dealing with the IRS can be the most stressful thing in the world even when you don’t include all the additional headaches brought on by credit reporting agencies. There’s no reason that you should have to go it alone. We’ve helped numerous other taxpayers turn their credit reports around. Contact us on the web or call Success Tax Relief at 877-825-1179 to speak with a tax lien expert today.

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