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What is a Tax Penalty Abatement?

What is a Tax Penalty Abatement?

By on Jul 18, 2018 in Tax Debt | 0 comments

You may have already looked to the Internal Revenue Services(IRS) website to try and find out what a tax penalty abatement is. Unless you’re a lawyer, it may take awhile to try and figure out what all of that information means. At Success Tax Relief, we understand that when it comes to money matters, you want answers fast and solutions even quicker! You don’t have time to try and figure out legal jargon, so here’s what a tax penalty abatement means…

A tax penalty abatement is a waiver from any late filing or late payment penalty fees. It is a request that The Journal of Accountancy states is not requested enough. Many taxpayers fall into a serious amount of debt due to the penalty fees alone. What most people don’t know is your are penalized with a fee every day you are late with a tax filing and payment. If you’re late with a filing, you’re guaranteed to be late with the payment. One late day can be the difference between you paying your tax debt and needing to file some sort of extension.

Filing an Extension


A lot of taxpayers know about filing an extension, but they may not know about filing for a tax penalty abatement. If you’re filing for an extension, then this filing should be the next order of business. However, not everyone qualifies for this waiver.


Here’s a quick little quiz to help you determine whether or not you qualify for a tax penalty abatement:


  • Has it been more than three years since you had a tax penalty?
  • Did you neglect to take care of your tax responsibilities due to a natural disaster?
  • Are you dealing with any serious illnesses?
  • Have you had a death in the family?
  • Did your tax advisor or an IRS representative give you wrong advice?
  • Are you under financial hardship? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you may very well qualify for a tax penalty abatement.

Now that you know this, what’s the next step?

You have two choices: Go forth and try and process this claim with the IRS by writing a letter, or hire an experienced tax relief representative who can take care of issues like this in a blink of an eye.

Success Tax Relief is a tax relief firm with over 30 years of helping people get out of tax debt and sometimes even eliminating it altogether! We specialize in talking to the IRS on behalf of our clients. We know the tax laws and understand what it takes to make it work for hard-working tax paying citizens.

We have two offices in Atlanta, Georgia and near the Houston, Texas area, but we have the resources to resolve tax matters in every state. Call and schedule a free online consultation to learn exactly how a tax penalty abatement works for you email or call us toll-free anytime of the day at 877-825-1179. You can also contact us online. Take care of your tax issues once and for all with Success Tax Relief.

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