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Tax Return Professionals in Houston

Tax Return Professionals in Houston

By on Apr 2, 2014 in tax companies in houston TX | 0 comments

tax return professionals in houstonNow is the perfect time to start thinking about this year’s taxes!  Very soon, your mailbox and inbox will fill up with a variety of tax documents.  W2s, and 1099s will start arriving in January and you can count on them to get to you by mid-February to give you ample time to file your tax return.  It is also a great time to consider whether you might need to hire a tax professional or tax firm this year to help you complete and submit your return. 

We have compiled a list of the most common benefits of partnering with a tax professional on your annual tax return.

1.  Help you maximize deductions and credits

An experienced tax professional is knowledgeable about the current tax credits that you, your business or your family can benefit from.  These can change from year to year, so a tax professional can really make a difference here.  In addition, a tax professional can also help you get the most out of your various deductions over the course of the year.

2.  Will help you minimize careless errors

One of the biggest reasons for delays in getting your return processed and receiving your refund are careless errors.  Arithmetic mistakes, transposed numbers, incorrect information and failure to sign and/or date your return are just a few of the many possible small errors that can cost you.  A trained tax professional has a keen eye to catch these errors before you submit to the IRS to make the return process seamless.

3.  Can provide advice or guidance with complex situations

Have you received a large financial gift this year?  Have you received a new form of income or have you liquidated some of your assets?  Or, if you own a business, do you have questions about how to compute payroll taxes?  There are countless complex issues that might impact your tax return in a particular year.  If this year has been unusual for you in some way, it might be wise to consider hiring a tax professional to help you translate this difference correctly on your tax return.

4.  Will be available to support you in the event of an audit

While IRS audits are rare, they can be serious and stressful when they occur. If you already have a relationship with a tax professional, the audit process can be much easier.  The tax professional can often communicate directly with the IRS on your behalf, supply necessary documentation and resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

5.  Will save you significant time and stress

Completing your taxes each year can be stressful and extremely time consuming.  A tax professional can immediately take away the burden of completing your taxes and you can rest easy knowing that they are accurate, correct and will be submitted on time!

Success Tax Relief:  Houston’s most trusted tax firm

Success Tax Relief is a full service tax firm based in the Houston, TX area.  With more than 30 years of experience helping our clients with a wide range of tax problems, we have vast knowledge and experience that can help you.  A member of our trusted team is standing by right now to help you.  If you are considering hiring a tax firm to help with your taxes this year, give us a call today at 1-877-825-1179.  Houston’s most trusted tax firm is ready to work with you!

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