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Payroll Tax Problems in Houston TX? We Can Help

Payroll Tax Problems in Houston TX? We Can Help

By on Jul 3, 2013 in Payroll Tax Problems | 0 comments

Payroll Tax Problems in Houston TX? We Can HelpMore changes

On New Years Day, two payroll tax changes occurred with the Social Security portion of payroll tax increasing from 4.2% to 6.2% for workers. At the same time the Hospital Insurance portion of payroll tax increased by .9%. With these changes occurring alongside the tax system growing more complex, it is not surprising if you cannot stay on top of things when it comes to payroll tax obligations.

Call to action

However, if the IRS have notified you about your payroll tax payment and records then it is important you act swiftly. This situation can be very daunting because of the ongoing operation costs of running your business and the other financial commitments you may have.

Preventing business closure

Through various processes the IRS can force you to shut your company down if you have not met these tax obligations. These relate to your employees income taxes, social security tax and Medicare tax. You should have arranged for these to be included in their pay checks or be paid in appropriate portions directly to social security or Medicare tax.

You may want to consider hiring our tax firm, Success Tax Relief, which has extensive experience working with the IRS to solve payroll tax problems. We can lead you quickly and thoroughly through the various steps drawing from people working in a collaborative team approach across several professional areas.

Demonstrating a renewed emphasis

In some instances we will focus on assisting you to become compliant with your payroll tax obligations for the coming quarter. This will not only assist with redressing erroneous payments in the past, but will also build your relationship with the IRS through committed demonstration of the corrected compliant behavior.

Offer in Compromise

There are some unusual trends occurring where your business could qualify for an Offer in Compromise to pay back payroll tax debt, if you can clearly demonstrate an inability to pay. While most payroll tax cases are still resolved through payment plans and penalty abatements and/or dissolution of your entity, the Offer in Compromise program is increasingly being used as an option for companies. With rules in Offer in Comprise being changed in 2012 there are new opportunities that could significantly reduce what you are required to pay if you qualify.

Success Tax Relief

Our strong team of experienced tax professionals all have a strong commitment to working aggressively in their advocate roles with the IRS. They are trained to proactively explain and discuss with you in simple terms all viable options in your case and have helped thousands of people with their tax problems and include Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants, Tax Attorneys, Financial Analysts, Case Coordinators, Tax Preparers and Tax Consultants.

With this service you can rest assured as you will be kept informed every step along the way to help take the emotional burden off you. Call Success Tax Relief at 1-888-825-1179.

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