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What’s the Difference Between a Tax Relief Service and the IRS?

What’s the Difference Between a Tax Relief Service and the IRS?

By on Mar 1, 2017 in Debt Relief, IRS | 0 comments

What’s the Difference Between a Tax Relief Service and the IRS?We understand that some people may confuse Success Tax Relief with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). While the two business entities are closely related one is slightly different than the other.

About the IRS

The IRS is a federal entity, meaning that it’s funded by the United States (US) government. The IRS works for the government with the end goal of collecting taxes from US taxpayers. The IRS has the authority to take serious action against delinquent accounts. They can garnish wages, levy bank accounts, seize assets, fine you—and worse, send out a court summons that may lead to prison time.

 The IRS will work with you in regards to helping you clear your tax debt, they’ll even provide you with the necessary resources. However, it will be your responsibility to communicate with the IRS and keep up with your case. If for any reason you neglect your case, your account could be marked as delinquent and more aggressive actions may be taken to retrieve what you owe them. To avoid this, it’s best to hire some tax relief assistance from a firm that has the experience and expertise to communicate effectively with the IRS on behalf of the taxpayer.


About Success Tax Relief

Success Tax Relief is a private business that operates on a national level. The US government does not fund this operation. In fact, Success Tax Relief is operated by Thelma and Deaphalis Sample, a loving couple who has been working in the tax relief business for over 30 years offering valuable tax consultation services that has proven to get taxpayers out of debt with the IRS.

Success Tax Relief is a tax relief service that actually cares. When they take on your case, you will be dealing with real people who know your name, your tax situation, and you’ll be able to call your caseworker anytime of the day to get an up-to-date status about your case. This is because Success Tax Relief has an open door policy that allows clients to communicate anytime of the day, not just between 9 am to 5 pm.


View some of Success Tax Relief client testimonials here.

Another big difference between Success Tax Relief and the IRS, is that Success Tax Relief is not authorized to seize your assets, garnish your wages, or levy your account. In fact, Success Tax Relief isn’t authorized to speak to the IRS on behalf of a client without that taxpayer’s permission. It is only thereafter that Success Tax Relief can only negotiate a reasonable payment or possibly even eliminate the debt you might have with the IRS altogether.

Now that you know how the IRS and Success Tax Relief works, then you’ll also see why it might be a good idea to contact Success Tax Relief first so that you can fully educate yourself about certain tax laws and procedures that may lead to alleviating your tax debt. Call us today for a free consultation at 877-825-1179 or contact us online.

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