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What to Do If You Get an Audit Letter from the IRS

What to Do If You Get an Audit Letter from the IRS

By on Sep 23, 2015 in IRS | 0 comments

What to Do If You Get an Audit Letter from the IRSSome people think that it can never happen to them but guess what? It might. Looking in your mailbox only to find a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) addressed to you—and it isn’t a check! That might only mean one thing: You’re being audited!


You might be thinking: How can this be happening to me? I’ve been so good with money! or maybe this might not surprise you one bit. Either way, you now have to answer to your government about how you have been handling your money, and there’s no getting out of it!


Receiving an audit letter from the IRS can be an inconvenience at best, but it is what it is and as a fully responsible taxpayer, you must deal with it.


Remain Calm


First of all, not everyone who is being audited is in trouble or has done something illegal. Being audited simply means that the IRS has some questions about how you received your income. That’s all. If you can answer that with the support of legitimate paperwork, then there’s no need to worry.


Organize Your Taxes for the Year in Question


Depending on how well organized you are, this shouldn’t be a problem. Yet for many, it is! Gather all of the tax documents for that year in question. The IRS may want more than that. They may want bank account statements, receipts for every single item you purchased that year, medical expenses, proof of additional income, etc. You just don’t know! That is why is recommended to keep an annual record of your tax filings. This way, if you ever need to refer to a certain tax year, it is just a matter of pulling out a folder!


Do What the Letter Tells You to Do


Being under the scrutiny of the IRS is nothing to take lightly either. Take the letter seriously. Read it. Do what it asks of you. If you need to call them, do it. The last thing you want to do is avoid the IRS. Not good. People who have ignored the IRS too long have been known to go to jail, no matter what their social status is—especially if they are well known. The IRS doesn’t mind making examples of offenders.


Call the IRS and Speak with Someone Directly


Don’t just take the letters word for it. With so many scams and identity thefts, one can never be too sure whether a document is legit or not. Before you start digging for past documents and relinquishing sensitive information, call the IRS and speak directly with a representative to verify that the audit letter you received is authentic.


It Happens


So there it is. Getting an audit letter from the IRS is something that can dealt with responsibly. It is just a matter of facing the issue right away, communicating with the IRS and providing the requested documents. If gathering the proper materials is an issue, Success Tax Relief can assist you. We specialize in tax relief issues and communicating with the IRS on your behalf. Leave the paperwork to us. Contact us online or call 1-877-825-1179.

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