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Tax Debt Balance: How to Check if You Owe the IRS Money

Tax Debt Balance: How to Check if You Owe the IRS Money

By on Jun 13, 2017 in IRS | 0 comments

It typically doesn’t take much time to discover you owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) money unless you move around frequently, which is a possibility for people whose job require them to do so.

The IRS will reach out to you by letter to inform you that you have an outstanding balance with them. They will not call you, or email you, or text you. They won’t hire a 3rd party to speak on their behalf either. They may, however, call you after you’ve first engaged them in the negotiation process of resolving your tax debt issue.

First, Understand the Proper Lines of Communication

While the IRS won’t hire a 3rd party, you, the taxpayer can in order to have someone speak to the IRS on your behalf. This is an important factor to keep in mind even if you suspect that you have an outstanding debt toward the IRS. Understanding the proper lines of communication is key, because when it comes to resolving a tax debt matter with the IRS, there will be a considerable amount of communicating between you and the IRS.

So, here’s what you’ll need to do to find out if you owe the IRS:

  1. Write a letter to them.

Yes, with all of the emails and online access to the IRS, it’s still best practice to write an official letter so that you have written documentation that proves you have reached out to resolve the matter. Also, it’s recommended to mail any hard documents to the IRS by a traceable resource such as certified mailing, registered mailing, or UPS or FedEx.

  1. Follow up with a phone call.

Be aware that even with traceable mailing that’s expedited, it still takes some time to process your letter and get it recorded into the system. Keep in mind that the IRS is managing the tax debt of billions of United States taxpayers, not to mention keeping up with the upcoming tax season.

You can still follow your letter up with a phone call, especially if you suspect you owe the IRS—the sooner you contact them, the better! For all you know, the one day you put off calling them could be the day they’re processing the paperwork to garnish your wages. You don’t want that, so act as soon as possible!

Too Much? Hire a Third Party to Negotiate for You

Many people may be uneasy about speaking to the IRS. Being scared or intimidated may get in the way with clearly communicating what you need to convey to the IRS. If this is you, then let Success Tax Relief take care of any tax debt issues that you may have. We can communicate with the IRS on your behalf. We’ll not only discover how much you may owe, but also work toward reducing or eliminating that debt altogether, and at the very least, arrange affordable monthly payment for you.


So, call our firm today at 877-825-1179, or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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