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IRS Tax Consultants in Houston

IRS Tax Consultants in Houston

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TaxServicesHave you recently received a notice from the IRS asking about back taxes, unfiled tax returns or an outstanding payment due to them?  Or, do you know that you have outstanding tax issues and are you concerned that one day soon, at any moment, you might hear from them?  This concern is real for thousands and thousands of people each year and causes individuals significant worry and stress.  The way that you handle your initial communication with the IRS is critical to any possible negotiation room. 

Steps to take if you have been contacted by the IRS

If you have received a letter or other notice from the IRS or anticipate that you could be hearing from them in the near future, act now, in fact, ACT TODAY!  Success Tax Relief is a full service tax relief company that is fully staffed all year round with IRS tax consultants who can help navigate issues with the IRS.  Our professionals have extensive experience working directly with the IRS on behalf of our clients.  We have successfully negotiated many agreements with the IRS that saved our clients money, worry and stress.  We communicate directly with the IRS on your behalf and many times know exactly what kind of information they are looking for.  We can often calm down a tense interaction with the IRS and help determine the best course of action.

Options for resolving your IRS tax problems

Do not be discouraged if you owe a large sum of money to the IRS or think that you cannot possibly make this payment by the deadline.  What you may not realize is that there are many possible options for monthly payment plans as well as offers in compromise.

Installment agreements are very much like credit card payments.  You pay a set amount each month until the debt is paid.  An offer in compromise is an agreement made with the IRS when you and your family does not have the means to pay the full amount due.  Success Tax Relief has negotiated countless agreements like these with the IRS that benefited our clients.  In addition, after a careful review of your tax documents, we may also find that you owe less than expected to the IRS.

Success Tax Relief is ready to help you work with the IRS

The cornerstone of Success Tax Relief’s business centers on communication.  We spend time getting to know each and every one of our clients so that we can best represent your interests.  We understand that tax problems can happen to anyone and would never judge you or any of the decisions that you have made.  We help our clients look forward, not backward and develop a plan for managing their unique tax issues.  Give us a call today at 1-877-825-1179 so that we can get started.  Our customer service team is standing by right now and can get started on your case immediately.  You can stop worrying about the IRS and move on with your life!

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