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How to Avoid Going to Texas Tax Court

How to Avoid Going to Texas Tax Court

By on Jan 5, 2015 in IRS, Tax Refund | 0 comments

How to Avoid Going to Texas Tax CourtTax court is probably one of the last places you want to land in Texas – or anywhere for that matter. The truth is, if you lose an audit and have yet to reach a settlement with the IRS, you may have no choice but to try to settle your dispute in tax court.

But if you are still a few steps away from tax court, then take note of the following tips for avoiding that scenario all together.

Review Your Tax Return and Documentation for Errors

Obviously, the easiest way to avoid an IRS audit and/or tax court is staying OFF the IRS’ radar. The best way to do this is to complete and submit accurate returns, make sure that your reported income matches your W-2s and make sure that you have all back-up documentation for your deductions accessible in case there is a question. Check your return for arithmetic errors and make sure that all of your personal information is correct (name, address, social security number). The cleaner your return, the less likely you will be audited and you can enjoy a life without tax court.

Provide All Requested Information

If the IRS makes contact with you (this will happen by mail), then respond with all requested information. Answer the question(s) that you are asked and make sure to provide copies of any documentation that helps your case.

Respond Thoroughly and On Time

The absolute worst thing that you can do if the IRS has a question or makes a request is doing nothing. Nothing good will come of this and you will just increase your chances of being audited and landing yourself in tax court. Ignoring the IRS is never a good idea.

Get Strong Support

As soon as the IRS initiates contact, you may want to enlist the help of a tax firm with experience navigating complicated issues with the IRS. Located in La Porte, Success Tax Relief has helped thousands of residents stay out of Texas tax court. Success Tax Relief has a proven track record of success dealing directly with the IRS, responding to their inquiries, and providing strong audit support so that you can avoid tax court. Strong representation can make a real difference for your chances of reaching a settlement that you can live with.

Complicated tax issues can be stressful and time consuming and often do not work out in your favor, especially if you are trying to resolve it alone. Responding to any kind of audit request requires a lot of time, a high level of detail, follow-through and, most of all, patience. Success Tax Relief is ready to help and is only a phone call away. So if you are a Texas resident facing a serious situation with the IRS like a levy, an audit or tax court, contact us today for a free consultation.

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