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Going Through an IRS Audit? Know Your Taxpayer Rights!

Going Through an IRS Audit? Know Your Taxpayer Rights!

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Going Through an IRS Audit? Know Your Taxpayer Rights!Audits. No one said that they would be fun. Let’s be honest, when you’re dealing with money owed—especially funds that you have to account for from the past seven years, did you expect it to be? 

There are taxpayers who have issues managing their checks and balances on a monthly basis, so trying to account for every penny that you spent and every cent you earned might make a grown man cry—and it has!

Audits Are Serious Business!

Audits aren’t anything to play with or cut corners on. It’s something that can take a considerable amount of time—years even, to collect. It’s more than a task; it’s a project, a project that the quality of your life depends on. That said, tax audits shouldn’t be taken personally. Of course anything dealing with your finances may feel kind of personal, but what you must remember is that Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audits can sometimes be random. On the other hand, you may have caused attention to yourself through an error made on your annual filing, if you’re claiming too many credits, your dependents are questionable, or if your charitable contributions are… too charitable according to your net income.

Whatever the reason is for getting audited, it is your duty as a United States citizen to know your rights.

What to Know if You Get Audited

First of all, you have a right to contest the claim. Mistakes can be made. Even if you know you have a debt with the IRS and you receive an audit letter, make sure that the claim is legit and correct. There are many tax scams circulating and we here Success Tax Relief don’t want you to be a victim. We’ve been in business for over three decades and have seen our share of clients who are trying to repair their debt due to a tax scam. So it’s important to verify with an official IRS representative that the audit letter you received is real.

Next, make sure that the amount they claim you owe is correct.

Third, just because you owe a tax debt doesn’t mean you get treated poorly. The IRS makes it their business to make sure that every taxpayer, whether they owe or pay is treated with courtesy and respect. The information you disclose to the IRS will be private. You won’t have to worry about anything getting leaked out onto the Internet either. 

Finally, if for some reason you believe that the IRS is incorrect about what you owe them, then you also have the right to appeal. Find out how to request an appeal through the official IRS website.

Need Help?

If all this is too overwhelming for you, then let the professionals at Success Tax Relief handle your audit for you. We have an open door policy that allows our clients to reach us any time of the day, 24/7. With Success Tax Relief, you will never find yourself on the phone speaking to a computer. Try us and see at 877-825-1179. You can even use our online contact form!

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