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Advocates for Taxpayer Rights

Advocates for Taxpayer Rights

By on Jan 19, 2015 in IRS | 0 comments

Advocates for Taxpayer RightsIf you have gone through the normal communication channels with the IRS but have not received an answer, or still have unanswered questions, you may want to look to the Taxpayer Advocate Service for additional help and support. This service is actually an independent arm within the Internal Revenue Service that is dedicated to helping taxpayers resolve problems with the IRS. In addition, the Taxpayer Advocate Service can recommend things that you can do to help prevent future tax problems. The IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service calls themselves “Your Voice at the IRS.” Their purpose is to make sure that taxpayers are treated fairly and understand their rights.

When should you use the Taxpayer Advocate Service?

There are four main situations that the Taxpayer Advocate Service can help you with including:

  1. You did not receive your refund: This group will help you investigate a missing refund if you have already (unsuccessfully) made contact with the IRS on at least 2 occasions AND you filed your return 90 days ago.
  2. No response: If you have tried to reach the IRS but have repeatedly not received a response, this group may be able to help. You must have attempted to reach the IRS on at least 2 occasions and your first inquiry must be more than 45 days old.
  3. Notice Issues: If you have attempted to respond to a notice(s) from the IRS on at least 2 occasions and still are receiving additional notices, you may qualify for advocate assistance.
  4. Potential mistreatment: If you believe that the IRS has mistreated you in some way but your case does not seem to fall into one of the above 3 areas, you may also qualify for assistance.

You should note that in all of these instances, when you reach out to the Taxpayer Advocate Service, you should be prepared to show them all of the backup documentation of your attempted communications with the IRS. In addition, you should know ahead of time that this service will not be able to help if you simply disagree with an IRS ruling or you have not followed the protocol that the IRS has established.

Each state has a Local Taxpayer Advocate that you can contact. Either call (877) 777-4778 or visit the IRS website to find your local advocate.

Need Additional Support?

You may also elect to work with a tax professional if you have questions about your tax returns or are having trouble communicating directly with the IRS. A tax firm can communicate on your behalf and help you determine whether you might be eligible for support from the Taxpayer Advocate Service. A tax firm can even provide the TAS with the appropriate documentation on your behalf to make the process painless and easy for you.

Success Tax Relief has extensive experience working as the intermediary between our clients trying to resolve tax debt and the IRS. If you need relief from tax debt, disagree with the IRS or have another pressing question about your taxes, contact us today for a free consultation!

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