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IRS Innocent Spouse Relief Experts in Houston Texas

IRS Innocent Spouse Relief Experts in Houston Texas

By on Jul 3, 2013 in IRS Cases | 0 comments

IRS Innocent Spouse Relief Experts in Houston TexasAs a married couple, your tax filing choice is ‘married filing jointly’ or ‘married filing separately.’ You are often significantly better off in terms of overall tax liability if you file jointly, particularly if your earnings are unequal. This is because couples with unequal earnings who file jointly usually get a marriage bonus, paying less overall than if they were single.

Joint liability

However, if your joint taxes are filed incorrectly, there can be severe consequences because the tax liability is also joint. You may be in one of these distressing situations now, having just received a letter from the IRS outlining an understatement of tax that relate to activities of your current or former spouse. If your spouse dies, goes to prison, flees the country, or divorces you and disappears with no forwarding address, you can be left with the responsibility of what has happened. Also, the joint liability extends not just to whatever you put on your tax return, but also what may not have been disclosed on the tax return you signed. For example, if your spouse possessed millions of dollars in undeclared gambling winnings, you are just as liable for the tax as your spouse.

Innocent spouse tax relief

If you meet certain criteria set by the IRS, you may be eligible for innocent spouse tax relief in relation to this joint tax claim. Proof needs to be provided that you had no idea about the financial activity of your spouse or former spouse, and you were not involved in the activity or benefitted from the activity. If the IRS is trying to collect taxes from you that you think are really your current or former spouse’s problem, it is crucial that you properly communicate with the IRS regarding your situation.

Expert help

You need specialist tax advice from an expert team, such as our team at Success Tax Relief. We have years of experience dealing with innocent spouse cases and can help you through the process of collecting the necessary information and providing it to the IRS. However, it is critical that you do not delay. Innocent spouse requests must be filed within two years of the time the IRS first began collection activity.

Once you file for an Innocent Spouse Claim, the IRS will send a questionnaire to validate your claim. Much of the IRS’s focus is on determining your level of innocence. Convincing the IRS is not an easy task, despite efforts by Congress, as part of 1998 taxpayer protection reforms, to make sure that innocent spouses have a way of seeking relief from both the IRS and the U.S. Tax Court.

If the IRS does not grant you innocent spouse relief, you can go to U.S. Tax Court to try and get the claim dismissed. If you have already been denied, Success Tax Relief can also help you through this process. To start resolving your tax problem, contact Success Tax Relief for a free consultation at 1(877) 825-1179.

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