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Who Should You Hire for IRS Tax Audit Defense?

Who Should You Hire for IRS Tax Audit Defense?

By on Jun 14, 2016 in IRS Audit | 0 comments

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In the same spirit of how someone arrested shouldn’t defend themselves and hire an attorney to represent them, so it should be with dealing with a tax audit.

When it comes to tax issues, there are several laws that you may not know about. Reputable and experienced tax relief professionals are educated and knowledgeable in the areas of tax laws and can help you with this. So if you have been audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you have the option to manage the audit yourself and speak directly to IRS representatives. However, you’ll be much more empowered if you hire tax professionals.

What Tax Professionals Can Do for You

We understand that there are some people who prefer to take matters into their own hands, like maintain the oil in their car, keep your own books, and…doing their own taxes—and that’s perfectly fine. If you have the talent and skill to provide a service to yourself and save money, then that’s great! However, many people have found it much easier to outsource these tasks, and in doing so, have found that they get more valuable information this way.

In a Forbes article, Kelly Phillips Erb wrote that the IRS estimated that “you’ll need 16 hours to devote to record keeping, tax planning and completion for the average federal form 1040.” This does not include entrepreneurs who must account for their business finances, and those who might need another form other than the 1040. These 16 hours are also under the assumption that everything will go smoothly. And if you’ve ever had any experience with tax filing, you know that every year, changes happen. Whether it’s the tax laws themselves, something personally, or professionally, new employment, unemployment, marriage, new family member, new home, or the opposite—it all affects your income in some kind of way and that needs to be accounted for—with supporting paperwork. 

Gathering Supporting Documents

Sometimes, gathering important government documents can take some time, even with access to the Internet, there are certain processes that need to be followed in order to attain sensitive documents. Having a tax representative can expedite this process significantly, but you need to make sure you hire the right one. When you’re undergoing an auditing process, you’ll find that you will be spending a lot of time searching for documents. This is the part of auditing that most people find grueling because it takes time—time that could be spent elsewhere. At any rate, it’s the IRS asking for these documents and it’s your responsibility to deliver, less you face the consequences of getting your wages garnished, property levied, or worse—prison.

Finding the Right Representative 

Please don’t get a tax preparer and a tax relief firm confused. While these two businesses are involved in the same thing, their operations are altogether different. A tax preparation service focuses on helping you file your annual taxes while a tax relief firm specializes in getting you out of any existing debt that you might have.

Success Tax Relief communicates to the IRS on our client’s behalf. We represent you throughout the auditing process relieving you of the time and stress that sometimes comes with it. So contact us for a free consultation today.





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