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10 Ways an IRS Tax Audit Representative Can Assist You

10 Ways an IRS Tax Audit Representative Can Assist You

By on Feb 11, 2015 in IRS Audit | 0 comments

10 Ways an IRS Tax Audit Representative Can Assist YouWhen you are notified that you will receive a visit from the IRS, you might feel apprehension, fear, dread…or even panic. The audit process can be very stressful and time consuming, but you may not have considered that the audit representative may actually be able to help you.

  1. Explanation: One of the most stressful parts of an audit is the fear of the unknown. An IRS tax audit representative can explain to you exactly what the IRS is looking for in your case. In fact, they are required to do so. This may be critical information that allows you to answer it and get this behind you.
  2. Your Questions: One of the most helpful things that an in-person audit offers is the ability to ask questions. The conversation that you have with the representative can give you important information that can help you give the IRS what they are looking for, potentially shortening this process.
  3. Conveying Your Perspective: You may have a better chance of conveying your point of view in person rather than in writing. You can convey that you are honest and did not intentionally submit incorrect information.
  4. Nuance: Sometimes it is difficult to explain complicated issues or nuanced issues in writing. An in person interview gives you the opportunity to explain things about your return that may not fit into a “box”.
  5. Audit Process: The representative may also be helpful explaining how the audit process works and what the next steps in your case will be.
  6. Your Rights: You have the right to ask your audit representative why your return was pulled for an audit. This information may help you provide a stronger response.
  7. Findings: After your audit meeting, the IRS representative will provide you with a report that details the findings and how much you owe. You do not have to sign this report if you are considering an appeal.
  8. Results Sooner: Since you receive a report after an in-person audit, you know the results sooner than you might if the correspondence was written only. This gives you more time to determine your response.
  9. Support: You have the right to hire representation for an audit, and you can send a CPA or tax professional to meet with the IRS representative on your behalf. These professionals speak the same language and this may help you more easily resolve your tax issues.
  10. Closure: Even if the result is not ideal, having closure and having the audit complete is worth a lot. You need to be able to move on, and an in-person audit will facilitate this.

Tips for Preparing for Your Audit

When you are preparing for your in-person audit, it is wise to gather all tax documents in question and have them ready for review. You should not give the audit representative your only copies, so make additional copies prior to the audit if possible. You should be ready to answer questions that you are asked clearly and succinctly, without providing a lot of extra information. Finally, you should always be polite and calm, things always go better when communication is not strained.

Finally, you may determine that you prefer to have help for the audit process. A tax firm or tax professional can help make sure that you understand why the IRS has chosen your return to audit. Success Tax Relief has years of experience representing taxpayers throughout the audit process. Give our team a call at 1-877-825-1179 and let us start working for you!

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