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Why Tax Software Lowers Your Tax Return

Why Tax Software Lowers Your Tax Return

By on Nov 22, 2013 in Filing Taxes | 0 comments

Why Tax Software Lowers Your Tax ReturnThere is simply no way around paying taxes.  Every single American must pay federal taxes and most of us also pay state taxes each year.  Lowering or reducing your tax return is the real goal and there are several ways that you can achieve this.  Planning ahead and using tax software are two very effective ways to lower your tax return year after year.

Benefits of Tax Software

In the age of computers, using tax return software is very intuitive and straightforward for many people.  It is also fairly inexpensive, has “help” features to guide you when you have questions, offers audit support in some cases and has each and every one of the tax forms that you could ever need at your fingertips.  Tax software will guide you through your tax return methodically, asking you questions about your income, marital/family status, deductions and charitable donations.

Often tax return software can help you file both your federal taxes to the IRS as well as your state taxes to your state agency.  Tax return software can also communicate it’s interpretation of your “audit risk,” which might be helpful if you are still deciding whether to have your return reviewed by a tax professional.   Tax return software leaves very little to chance and it’s deliberative nature makes mistakes less common and encourages people to take appropriate deductions that they might otherwise skip over.  All of these factors do contribute to lowering your overall tax return, which is great news for many.

Are there limits to tax software?

Online tax software is a major improvement over completing your taxes with a pencil and paper (and loads of paper forms), but there are limits to the accuracy of this software.  As you age, your taxes can get more complicated with more income, more deductions, children, and charitable contributions.  There are certain times when a tax professional truly is the best possible decision for completing your annual taxes correctly and without error.

First of all, seeking the help of a full service tax firm minimizes the time and stress that you expend each year.  A tax professional will take steps to get to know you and your financial situations and can make sound recommendations to you for reducing your tax return.  In addition, a tax professional can really help with long term tax planning.  He/she can suggest ways to make tax deductible investments in your retirement or college funds, depending on your unique situation.

Success Tax Relief:  A full service tax relief firm ready to help you

Success Tax Relief is a professional tax firm located in the Texas area with extensive experience helping customers all over the country with routine tax preparation as well as support for more serious tax problems.  Our customer service team is standing by now, ready to begin working with you.  We specialize in helping clients reduce the amount due to the IRS and can also review any returns you have completed using online software.  Give Success Tax Relief a call today at 1-877-825-1179.

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