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What You Should Know About Tax Return Calculators

What You Should Know About Tax Return Calculators

By on Nov 26, 2013 in Filing Taxes | 0 comments

What You Should Know About Tax Return CalculatorsThere are tax return calculators on nearly every single tax website around…you can even find them on the IRS website (//  These tax return calculators can be enormously helpful as you plan for your tax return, or to help you plan if you are concerned that you might owe taxes back to the IRS this year.

While these tools are useful and can be fairly accurate, it is important to keep several things in mind if you decide to use them:

1.  The data that you get from a tax return calculator is only as good as the data that you put in.  It is critically important to include the most current and accurate tax data possible about your income, IRAs and your potential deductions.  The calculator can only give you accurate information if you include accurate information about yourself.

2.  Tax calculators can only provide an estimate:  Tax return calculators are not set up to take all factors into account and cannot necessarily incorporate unique information or differentiate between various information that you give.  It will provide you with an estimate, not an exact figure of what you will owe or receive as a refund.  While the calculator tools are helpful and can provide you with a general sense of how your tax return may look like this year, they are only able to provide you with a very limited picture.

3.  Tax calculators can be out of date:  If you are searching online for a calculator, it is possible that the formulas it is using are out of date or have not been updated based on new tax law.  Just like with anything, It is always best to consult with a reputable website or tax return software that you can verify.

Additional ways to plan and calculate your annual tax return

If you are interested in trying to plan exactly what you may owe or receive this year, another great strategy is to consider partnering with a tax firm for your annual tax preparation.  Depending on how soon you get started, a tax professional can actually help you manage your finances throughout the year in a way that will maximize your return and leave you with no surprises.  A tax professional can take a look at your entire financial picture and help you develop a tax strategy and accurately estimate exactly how much you will get back or owe to the IRS.

Success Tax Relief

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