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Made a Mistake in Your Taxes? Here is How to Fix It

Made a Mistake in Your Taxes? Here is How to Fix It

By on May 28, 2017 in Filing Taxes, fix tax return, Tax Tips | 0 comments

Made a Mistake in Your Taxes? Here is How to Fix ItIf you made a mistake on your taxes, don’t panic. As long as you report your mistake to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you are in no danger. It’s all a matter of being as honest as you can with the IRS. Simply communicate to them what the matter is and the issue will be resolved.

Causing Delays Pays!

The only setback is that this may delay your filing and possibly your refund. Depending on how early you submitted your taxes, this might not be a problem. You might be able to rectify any errors before the deadline. Of course, everyone’s tax situation is different. You might be able to file in time before the deadline, but if you owe, and you’ve made an error, then you might have to pay a late paying fee. If your error delays the filing process causing you to miss the deadline, then you may be facing a late filing penalty as well.

Taxpayers who are expecting a refund can just expect to receive their money late.

Tax Errors are Mostly Caused by Do-it-Yourselfers!

Taxpayers who insist on preparing their own filings typically cause tax errors. This is usually from being inexperienced and unprepared. The EZ and 1040 Form are designed to be simple enough for the regular taxpayer to file on their own, but there will most likely be more errors on a 1040 than an EZ Form if a taxpayer prepares his or her own taxes.

There are many life changes that can complicate a tax filing and oftentimes this confuses the preparer. This is why there are several tax filing companies out there to assist people with preparing their taxes. However, if something more complicated comes up, these tax preparing companies are not always equipped with the knowledge and experience to resolve any tax matters that may arise.

Get Help with Success Tax Relief

The tax firm at Success Tax Relief is fully equipped with over 30 years of professional experience resolving tax matters of all kinds. With a team of tax preparers, lawyers, CPAs, and accountants, we’re confident that we can not only flawlessly prepare your annual filing, we’ll also be able to alleviate any tax issues that may come up by communicating to the IRS on your behalf. Furthermore, we have the means to provide financial counseling that will assist you with avoiding any possible tax debt in the future.

At Success Tax Relief, we’re invested in financial fixes for the future, not just for quick fixes. We also provide Success Credit Relief, a new service designed to help taxpayers get out and stay out of debt. Read all about this new service here.

With Success Tax Relief, you can avoid having any mistakes on your annual filing and get the financial help you need to fix bad credit.

Schedule a free consultation with us to ask any questions you may have about your tax filing or our credit relief service. Call today at 877-825-1179, or contact us online.

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