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5 Ways to Get Your Tax Refund on Time

5 Ways to Get Your Tax Refund on Time

By on Jul 12, 2016 in Filing Taxes, Tax Refund | 0 comments


Sometimes, certain situations are out of our hands. However, if there’s something we can do to make sure that things go smoothly, like receiving our tax refund on time, then it’s our responsibility to make sure that as responsible taxpaying citizens, we’re doing everything on our part to make sure that happens. Unfortunately, there are some people who think that all they have to do once they receive their W2s is hire a tax preparer and wait 30 minutes before everything is processed. If you’re 20 years old, it might go down that way, but as you get older, more responsibilities come your way that sometimes affect your annual income, and you have to include this in your filings.

When it comes to tax filings, there’s always proof of documentation needed to support your information. Oftentimes, this is where you may run into some problems. That’s why Success Tax Relief, a full service tax relief firm in LaPorte, Texas has proposed five ways that will help ensure you get your tax refund on time:

  1. Gather important documents ahead of time.

By being proactive and getting all of your documents ahead of time, you’ll eliminate any wasted time spent on finding social security cards, marriage license, divorce papers, birth certificates and adoption papers. These types of documents often require a certain amount of processing time to re-acquire if for some reason you’ve lost or misplaced these things. If you wait until tax season to start gathering these documents and find that you’ll need to get new ones, this will delay the tax filing process. It could ultimately make you miss the deadline that could in turn, result in a late filing with penalties that could be deducted from your late filing. To avoid all of this, just make sure that you have all the important documents needed to file.

  1. Keep your previous tax filings organized.

Every time you file taxes, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will want to know how much income you earned last year. This doesn’t have to be a complicated answer if you have your tax filing from the previous year. Whether it’s in a filing cabinet, filed electronically, in a flash drive, or in the cloud, all you have to do is refer to your previous tax filings to determine what your adjusted annual income was for that year.

  1. Meet the deadline.

Not much of an explanation is needed here. Just do it!

  1. Make sure all documents are signed.

The IRS will not file your taxes without your signature. Believe it or not, this might be one of the most common mistakes when submitting annual taxes. It’s so easy to get caught up with the filing process that one might forget to sign the document. If you’re filing electronically, most software systems will prevent that from happening, but if you’re filing by mail, be sure to sign the document as this will certainly cause delays.

  1. Before submitting your filing, check, and then double-check.

The tax filing process can be quick and to the point, or grueling. Either way, it’s a process that is worth checking over to make sure everything is entered properly—that all social security numbers are correct, addresses and names are spelled correctly and most importantly, everything that you reported in your taxes is true. 

If you need someone to double-check your annual tax filings, contact the professionals at Success Tax Relief at 1-877-825-1179 today or schedule a free consultation with us online.

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