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IRS Tax Debt Relief Services Houston, TX

IRS Tax Debt Relief Services Houston, TX

By on Oct 3, 2013 in Debt Relief | 0 comments

IRS Tax Debt Relief Services Houston, TXThere are certain times when you need help over the hurdles the Internal Revenue Service has set up. To assist you in this task, Success Tax Relief has compiled the following information on why you would need tax debt relief services.

1. You are unsure of your rights and obligations, and are not comfortable dealing with the IRS on your own

If you are not up-to-date with the current tax legislation, you may not be able to resolve your tax debt in the most beneficial way. This includes new rules relating to same-sex married couples. Also, a neutral third party, such as a highly and appropriately qualified representative from our firm, can relieve you of the pressure of dealing with the IRS on your own. They will also proactively explain and discuss all the viable options in your case.

2. You owe a large amount of money to the IRS  

The IRS can be much more aggressive if you owe a large amount of money. Our staff is trained to give you the best results in these types of high-pressure negotiations; settling things quickly and relieving your distress are our priorities. We have all been close to someone in a vulnerable financial situation and understand the burden this can bring.

3. You are facing imminent collection action as part of a levy by the IRS

When you’re threatened with the seizure of your property, fast action and a lot of work is required.

4. Your application for an Offer in Compromise is unsuccessful

If your application for an Offer in Compromise is unsuccessful, our team is on hand with a backup strategy for handling your tax debt, including the last resort of supporting you through bankruptcy proceedings.

5. You have not filed your taxes for many years and perhaps the IRS has been filing your returns

With the best of intentions we all aim to prepare our taxes accurately and on time. However, achieving this can be difficult, time-consuming and, in some cases, simply unattainable. If the IRS has been filing your returns then it is highly likely you are not getting the best return possible based on your permissible deductions and entitlements. Also, there are several options that need to be considered with your accompanying debt, which can be negotiated in a number of ways.

6. Your case has moved up the IRS chain of command

If your case is assigned to the Large Dollar Unit of ACS, Regular ACS or a Revenue Officer is now involved, there is extra scrutiny being applied to your case and more pressure to resolve the case quickly.

7. You business owes taxes

Forbes ranked Houston the second best city in America for good jobs this year. While the business-friendly state tax system can take a bow for this, your business can still slip behind in some tax areas including corporation franchise tax.

Success Tax Relief has a strong team of experienced tax professionals on hand who all have a strong commitment to work aggressively as your advocate with the IRS. Our staff comprises Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants, Tax Attorneys, Financial Analysts, Case Coordinators, Tax Preparers, and Tax Consultants.

With Success Tax Relief’s commitment to service, you can rest assured that you will be kept informed every step along the way as we help take the emotional burden off your shoulders. Call us at 1-888-825-1179 and start breathing easier today.

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