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Guaranteed Tax Relief, Is There Such a Thing?

Guaranteed Tax Relief, Is There Such a Thing?

By on Nov 2, 2016 in Debt Relief | 0 comments

guaranteed-tax-reliefWell, that depends on your definition of tax relief.

One might define “tax relief” as not being in tax debt at all. Others might define it as getting their tax debt completely wiped out.

For Success Tax Relief, a tax relief firm based out of Houston, Texas, we define “guaranteed tax relief” as simply alleviating your current tax situation. If you’re looking for that, we certainly can provide that for you.

Success Tax Relief has been in business for over 30 years helping taxpayers just like you get out of complicated tax situations. Oftentimes, many people will try to take care of their tax issues on their own. In most cases, they can resolve their problem. But taxes are tricky. Your issue may start out small, but penalties and late fees can easily snowball into a sizable balance that’s not affordable to pay in one lump sum or even within a year’s time.

How Do We Work to Guarantee Tax Relief?

There are many ways that we can alleviate your tax debt. Here are some of the services that we offer:

  • Offer in Compromise

This is an option that anyone with a sizable tax debt might want to look in to. The Offer in Compromise can reduce your tax debt from the full amount owed. This can certainly be looked at as a compromise as not many people are able to pay their tax debt in full. The compromise here is that in order to pay a reduced amount, you have to pay it all at once.

  • Installment Agreement

While you may be able to negotiate an affordable payment with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) yourself, you might not be able to get your monthly payment down to what you’d like it to be.

A tax relief firm can do this for you and quite possibly negotiate a lower monthly payment. This is because firms like Success Tax Relief that have been in business for so many years have gained enough experience to understand how certain tax cases work.

Similar to a court case, tax-related cases are all different but, there are some similarities that can apply to certain situations. And much like an attorney is familiar with the law and is trained to memorize certain cases, the Success Tax Relief team applies the same thought process we believe will deliver a guaranteed tax relief to clients. This is why we are confident that we can alleviate your current tax situation, no matter how complicated you think it might be.

Success Tax Relief: Guaranteed to Alleviate Your Tax Issues

An Offer in Compromise and Installment Agreements are just a few services we can provide to you. While we’re based in Texas, we are capable of helping taxpayers anywhere in the country.

Success Tax Relief’s team comprises of experienced tax accountants, caseworkers, CPA’s, tax attorney, and tax preparers. We have an open door policy that welcomes you to call and talk to your caseworker any time of the day, even after work hours.

Call us today at 1-877-825-1179, email us, or use our online contact form for your convenience and get your free consultation for guaranteed tax relief.

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