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What is the Fastest and Easiest Way to Get My Taxes Done?

What is the Fastest and Easiest Way to Get My Taxes Done?

By on Feb 9, 2017 in Consultation | 0 comments

What is the Fastest and Easiest Way to Get My Taxes Done?Honestly, the fastest and easiest way to get your taxed done and have a refund in your pocket right away is by hiring a tax preparer who knows what he or she is doing, and that takes years of experience.

These days, many storefront tax preparing services hire preparers with only months of training to file your taxes. Based on this amount of experience, there is no way that this type of professional can inform you of every kind of tax break that you qualify for. Furthermore, you can’t be 100% sure that you’re taxes will be filed accurately.

A New Job = a Certain % of Errors

Here’s one way to think about it: When you start a new job, there’s a learning curve. Mistakes will be made because you’re not only learning the processes, you’re also learning the actual industry. And for many of these new tax preparers, they’re using your tax filing case as a hands-on learning tool. You don’t want that!

The last thing you want is your personal and business finances being used as a teaching tool for someone to possibly make mistakes on. Even if this company can file your taxes right away, inexperience will undoubtedly lead to errors. And any errors made may result in delays of processing. This is because the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will send the filing back inquiring about the error. Then the tax preparing service will have to file your taxes all over again.

Understanding the Filing Process Better

While electronic filing is the main way tax filings are done, it still takes time for the IRS to verify the documents to make sure that they are done accurately. Then once they’ve passed that inspection, there’s another process to track depending on whether you owe are allotted a refund.

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Tax Preparer

No matter how advanced we are in technology, things still take time. So if you can expedite the filing of your annual taxes, it’s best to make sure that you’re entrusting them to a company or firm that has years of experience under their belt and has the capacity to handle any unexpected tax issues that may come up. It’s also advantageous to have a preparer who’s knowledgeable in all of the tax laws and as a result, can maximize your refund to its fullest potential.

You Do Have Options, Though…

There are other ways to get your taxes done quickly. You can do them yourself through online tax services or directly with the IRS. However, you should know that the IRS holds the preparer responsible for the filing and fully expect that person to know the tax laws well enough to take this kind of task on.

It’s OK if this all seems a little intimidating. When it comes to managing your taxes well, it can be quite the responsibility—stressful even. After all, we’re talking about finances! Not having them in order with the IRS could result in some serious penalties. Let’s avoid all of that and just have Success Tax Relief process your annual tax filing accurately and on time. Contact us online to schedule an appointment or call 877-825-1179 today.

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