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How Houston Tax Resolution Consultants Can Help You

How Houston Tax Resolution Consultants Can Help You

By on Mar 29, 2014 in Consultation | 0 comments

tax consultant in houstonThere are countless unique tax situations and endless ever-changing tax rules to follow each year.  Submitting your annual tax return with confidence is difficult and it is hard to shake that nagging worry that you might be the unlucky recipient of an IRS audit.  In addition, taxes take an estimated 15-22 hours per year — including several hours of tax planning.  That is no insignificant amount of time, especially if you are not 100% sure that your tax return is correct. 

Hiring a tax resolution consultant can be extremely helpful for filing annual tax returns as well as managing problems that come up throughout the year related to your taxes.  Tax firms help simplify the process for submitting your tax return while ensuring that you are adhering to the latest tax laws and maximizing deductions and credits that you might be eligible for.

If you are considering hiring a professional to help you with your taxes this year, we have listed some of the many benefits that you will receive for doing so:

1. Save time

This is the most obvious and perhaps most precious benefit.  If you hire a professional to help, you no longer have to spend 15-22 hours of your own time preparing and completing your tax return.  Instead, you have a brief meeting with a tax consultant, provide them with your documentation and allow them to do the rest.  In some cases, a tax professional will also save you money, as they know of all the latest tax credits and deductions.  So, it’s definitely a win, win!

2. Have increased confidence and peace of mind

When you submit your tax return, you will do so with confidence, knowing that a reputable tax professional has signed off on it.  You can be confident that it is error free and accurate.  You will no longer feel the burden and worry that you may have made an error that makes you and your family vulnerable to an audit

3.  Support in the event of an audit

In the very unlikely event of an IRS audit, you will be fully supported by the tax firm that you have hired.  The tax firm that you partner with can negotiate on your behalf and will have experience with the audit process.

4.  Help with many other tax issues

There are many additional tax issues that a tax firm can help with.  You can seek support for accrued back taxes or help negotiating a payment plan, installment agreement or an offer in compromise.  If you are a business owner, you can also get support with payroll tax issues and other complex tax issues.

Success Tax Relief is a full service tax relief firm based in the Houston, Texas area with more than 30 years of experience supporting clients all over the country.  We have extensive experience working directly with the IRS to negotiate on behalf of our clients on a wide variety of issues.  We are committed to helping you solve all of your tax problems, so you can rest easy knowing that these issues are handled well and on time.  Call us at 1-877-825-1179 to get started!

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