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3 Signs It’s Time to Contact a Tax Relief Firm

3 Signs It’s Time to Contact a Tax Relief Firm

By on Mar 22, 2014 in Consultation | 0 comments

3 Signs It's Time to Contact a Tax Relief FirmPeople seek tax support for a wide variety of reasons: time constraints, complex returns, fear of making an error, or just simply not wanting to feel the responsibility and burden of completing your own.  In these cases, you have the luxury of deciding whether or not to hire help to complete your taxes.  There are several instances, however, when tax issues are more complicated and it becomes necessary (and in your best interest) to contact a tax relief firm for assistance.

1.  The IRS has made contact with you about an audit:

If you have received written notification from the IRS that you have been identified for an audit, it may be time to enlist the help of a tax professional.  Audits are fairly infrequent, only happening to approximately 1% of taxpayers, but it is important to know how to respond if you are identified.

While some audits are straightforward and can be handled by mail, others are more complicated and difficult to manage.  If you have received multiple mailings from the IRS about the audit, if you do not think that you have the documents that the IRS is requesting in the audit, if the IRS has requested an in-person audit or if you disagree with an audit ruling, you should get help immediately.

2.  You are behind paying your tax returns:

If you are behind paying your tax debt, you could really benefit from the help of a tax relief firm.  A tax firm can review all of your tax returns and documentation and give you solid advice about how best to manage your tax debt.  You may be eligible for a program that would allow you to make monthly payments instead of paying in one lump sum (installment agreement) or even be eligible for a reduction in the amount you owe (offer in compromise).  The paperwork for these types of programs is extensive, and you want to put your best application forward, so you will want to have the help of a professional with experience and success negotiating directly with the IRS.

3.  You have not filed recent tax returns:

If it has been several years since you have filed tax returns with the IRS, the best possible thing for you to do is work with a tax relief firm to come up with a plan to manage your problem.  Ignoring your problem will not make it go away and though it may take a while, the IRS will notice that you have not filed, and will come after the money.  It is always best to be proactive with tax issues and handle them as you are aware there is a problem.

Success Tax Relief will work for you

The knowledgeable and experienced tax professionals at Success Tax Relief have negotiated with the IRS on behalf of thousands of customers and helped solve all types of tax related problems. We will put your needs first, work to understand your unique circumstances and provide you with the strongest representation possible. If you are ready to enlist the help of a tax relief firm, look no further than us. We can be reached online through the form on the Contact Us page of our site or by phone at 877-825-1179.

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